Hi, I'm Anchit and

One of my fav game

I live in India. I'm 16 years old and I love rock music and I LOVE Linkin Park.

Other games that I like are RuneScape, Call of Duty series (though I think its overrated lol), Need for Speed series, Halo and FIFA games...

Oh I also like some strategy games like AoE and all other games like it...

My in-game goals (8Realms ofc)Edit

  • Build Leonardo's Worksjop..
  • Get to Renaissance Age
    2011-06-11 13h29 23

    My current capital city :)

  • Get to 70% in Renaissance (damn, its gonna take forever lolz)
  • Complete at least 8 more researches from feudal before advancing to Imperial.
  • Build your 4th Settlement.
  • Capture one of the 'New Age' luxuries.
  • Create your first Flying Machine
  • Advance to imperial age

Thats it for now, maybe ill put some more wen i advance in the age...

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