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21 January 2012

  • The Wiki Cleanup poll has ended: Please consider taking a look at the military page and giving it a touch up! (A list of units can be found here)
  • A new poll is up! Please check out the latest poll and respond with your usual level of activity on the actual game of 8Realms.

30 November 2011

  • Administrators and Moderator have been given golden names. This is to distinguish them from the regular users, prove their authenticity, and reward them for their hard work.
  • The featured article of the month is Capturing/raiding map tiles.

31 October 2011

22 September 2011

  • We have introduced Sitemeter onto this wiki. It tracks the amounts of visits to this wiki staring in September.

18 September 2011

  • The 8Realms Answers Wiki has been set up. If you have any question that need answering, feel free to ask it on that site.