Tasks are accessible through the clipboard on the top left of the screen. They are the main tutorial in the game, also acting as the main source of culture. They reward the players who complete them with various rewards, including resources, gold and culture. Tasks vary, but will help players in advancing through the game. It is not required to do tasks for anything, although not completing any tasks will often lead to players falling behind as they are the main source of culture.


When the game was first introduced (in it's beta stages), there was a certain list of tasks that every player was assigned in the same order.


The original task menu

When the VIP version of the game was released (the Boudica server), a new task system was developed to make all tasks completely randomly generated. The culture rewards gained from completing tasks was increased hugely, making them the main source of culture in the game. Throughout the first four servers, tasks were capped at around 4-5 per day. Once a player had completed all the tasks assigned to them, no more would be assigned until the day ticked over. Most tasks, with the exception of tasks to build additional settlements, would be unset if not completed within 48 hours.

With the release of the Montgomery server, the task system reverted to including some pre-created tasks as well as some randomly generated ones. The limit of 5 tasks per day was also dropped. Much controversy was caused by the fact that players could complete a task then be re-assigned it if they once again lost the requirements for that task.


Tasks will reward you with resources, although some tasks only give certain resources, gold and/or culture. The resource rewards are shared equally among all your settlements. For example, if you have one additional settlement, a task rewarding 100 wood and 100 food will give 75 wood and 80 food to both cities.

To see a list of tasks, task rewards, and their respectful requirements, read over the rewards list page. Some also give culture .

It has become apparent that some tasks are unlocked by different building levels although the ordering of them is still a mystery as of yet.

Culture reward valuesEdit

With the release of Wallace, players can now view how much culture is gained from completing each task. It can be noted that the construction and upgrading of buildings often gives the higest culture rewards, with the training of troops giving much smaller rewards. Below is a list of the approximate values for culture rewards, depending on task:

Task Culture
Training troops 337
Constructing/upgrading resource buildings 337
Capturing resources 675
Constructing/upgrading city centre/library/parade ground or market 682
Special research task (eg hill construction, city walls, etc) 682
"Demonstrate your power" 675
Construct a service/military building 169
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