Spelling on the main page looks badEdit

Admins should use a spell checker that can correct style-related errors. (Microsoft Word's built in spell checker gets it right most of the time.)

News Regarding Official WikiEdit

First sentence should be split in two, it makes no sense to connect two unrelated sentences. Also, take out that "Due to" from the beginning of sentence 1, because it doesn't finish the expression properly. It doesn't say what happened due to jagex releasing 8realms. Second sentence should be restructured in its entirety. ... "for it,; (You need a semicolon there, not a comma) simply add it to the (missing "the") trivia section at the end of a the (indefinite article ("a") → definite article ("the")) page"

Other small mistakes.

Major Wiki Renaming Style UpdateEdit

An issue (Not "issuing") bothering many users and administrators (Note: there is no comma before that and.) on this wiki has been is (or was, but not has been) its style. ... This also includes (You need an s there.) changing the tenses spelling (Tense is for describing verbs in the past/present/future. Plural is simply called a form or, more often, has no suffix at all. Also, "tenses" would be grammatically incorrect, it should have been just "tense") of pages from singular to plural form or vice versa.

Other small mistakes.

English is not my first language either. 3ICE 14:46, December 10, 2011 (UTC)

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