The Storehouse increases the resource capacity in a settlement, available as an Ancient Age building after the Storehouse technology has been researched. This structure adds no population to the city it's located.

This building is soon replaced by a Warehouse in the Classical Age.

Unadjusted, each current storehouse stores resource equal to the storage rating (box icon) for each resource, but this can be redistributed to other resources. Effectively, the total storage is now all adjustable and equal to four times the storage shown at the icon.


The storehouse once allowed the player to protect their resources from barbarian attacks. The higher the level of your storehouse, the more resources one could protect.

A storehouse once had fixed storage proportional to its level; a level 3 will had 3000 variable storage space. The player decides to set it to 1000 food, 1000 wood, 1000 stone, 0 iron. However, it also had 1500 constant space for each resource, so the total amount of storage gained from the warehouse would have been 2500 food, 2500 wood, 2500 stone, 1500 iron.


 Level  Cost  Time 
 Food   Wood   Stone   Iron   Coal   Oil   Aluminium 
 1 (Ancient  -   375   375   -   -   -   -   0:01:00 
 2 (Ancient  250   1000   1000   -   -   -   -   0:22:43 
 3 (Ancient  750   2250   2250   -   -   -   -   1:44:20 


Level Population Resource icon Requirements
Construction icon Research icon
1 (Ancient) - 230 - -
2 (Ancient) - 576 - -
3 (Ancient) - 1036 Village Centre 3 (Ancient) Efficient Storage


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