Type Infantry unit icon
Age Ancient
Resources to train Food 9
Wood small 9
Stone small 5
Iron small 0
Training time 0:00:14
Upkeep costs Food small 1
Gold small 1
Army value ArmyValue small 4
Speed Speed small 25
Infantry Icon 1 Vehicle Icon 1 Air Unit Icon 0
Infantry Icon 2 Vehicle Icon 1 Air Unit Icon 1
Building requirements Parade Ground 1

Spearmen are the first units that are available to a player. They are trained via a parade ground, and are quick to train. Besides the Gielinor Warriors (which were a special treat for the original beta testers) they are the only units available in the Ancient Age. They are cheap and relatively weak units which makes them excellent for complete starters, and later on, essentially cannon fodder. Spearmen become obsolete in the Feudal Age and cannot be trained anymore after.

Barbarians have a variant of this unit known as Savages. Fighting barbarians large scale with these units early on is generally a bad idea, and a major waste of wood which will be heavilly needed elsewhere. Often many hundreds are needed just to match the military power ranking of a barbarian held resource tile, and the player is almost assured that less then half will return in any roughly equal engagement.

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