Empire society

The societies

Societies are non-player associations that confer secret building upgrade plans. There are three different factions: the Brotherhood Society, the Prometheus Society and the Quastoren Society.

Once the choice is made at the beginning of the Classical Age, it cannot be changed, unless St. Basil's Cathedral has been built.

The benefits of these societies lie in the upgrading of buildings to levels higher than normal :

Brotherhood: Military - Parade grounds, Barracks, Vehicle bays/Stables and Aerodromes/Watchtowers can be upgraded further.

Prometheus: Knowledge - Research facilities/Libraries, Gunsmiths/Blacksmiths and Museums can be upgraded further.

Quastoren: Trade - Markets , Customs Houses and Tax Offices can be upgraded further.


  • If you right-click your society's image and click on the 'save image as' button, the image will show all three societies and a question mark. This may mean a new society is in progress.
    • This is presumably false, as in the Ancient Age, it shows a Question mark.
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