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Scorpio Icon.png
Type Unknown
Age Classical
Resources to train Food 20
Wood 70
Stone 0
Iron 30
Training time 1:04 (base)
Upkeep costs Food small.png 8
Gold small.png 8
Army value ArmyValue small.png 33
Speed Speed small.png 10
Infantry Icon.png 8 Vehicle Icon.png 6 Air Unit Icon.png 0
Infantry Icon.png 1 Vehicle Icon.png 1 Air Unit Icon.png 1
Building requirements Armoury 2

Scorpios are the light assault variation of the Ballistae. The Scorpio is smaller and less heavy, allowing it to move at twice the speed of the normal ballistae (10 instead of 5). They require a Level 2 Armoury to be trained and constructed.


Unit for unit, it is individually less effective but still as efficient; the upkeep is 8 food and gold for (attacking) 8-6-0 IVA, compared to 10 for 10-8-0 IVA on the ballistae; 5 scorpios are almost exactly the same as 4 ballistae.

Due to its similar characteristics and heavily reduced training requirement, it vastly outperforms and is better all around than any of the other artillery variants, but performs best on attack due to its speed.

The training values are reduced in actual usage, because of the 20% boost to construction speed and 20% cost reduction provided by the upgraded Armoury.

They become obsolete in the Renaissance Age.


In the Beta, Scorpio had to be researched to use these units, and Torsion Ballista could improve them. Barracks (Building) 5, Blacksmith (Building) 2 had to be constructed in their settlement as well.