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Ritter Icon.png
Type Mounted unit icon.png
Age Classical
Resources to train Food 50
Wood 20
Stone 0
Iron 50
Training time ?:??:??
Upkeep costs Food small.png 10
Gold small.png 8
Army value ArmyValue small.png ?
Speed Speed small.png 32
Infantry Icon.png 6 Vehicle Icon.png 5 Air Unit Icon.png 0
Infantry Icon.png 5 Vehicle Icon.png 6 Air Unit Icon.png 1
Building requirements ?

Ritters are cavalry units in Classical Age that are more defensive than Knights.

They are excellent when the enemy is using plenty of siege units, but are very expensive. Their high armour allows more of them to survive each volley. Most enemy siege units can only kill two of these with each shot, whereas upgraded ballistae or a Polybolos could kill 3 Horsemen in each round.