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A user interface showing how many resources there are in the village and how many can be stored. Production can be seen by hovering the mouse over any resource.

Resources are materials you use to build the Buildings and the Army in your settlement.

Resource UI and DisplayEdit

The amount of resources you currently have, is shown at the furthest top right hand corner of the screen, and each green bar that fills indicates how much storage space is left for that resource in your Warehouse and Town Hall.

To the left of the green bar, you can see the amount of the resource you gain as an hourly rate, this can be raised by constructing or upgrading more buildings that gathers that resource, or capturing and occupying those tiles on the game map.

Types of ResourceEdit

Gold can be gotten by finishing tasks, or by gathering it from your settlement in tax. The rate of the Gold being gathered is affected by your level of the Village Centre, Tax Office/Bank and the amount of the working population in your village. Gold is spent on paying troops, research and transfer of resources between settlements.

Initially, there are 4 material resources - Food, Stone, Wood and Iron, and those can be gathered in your settlement by building their respective buildings:

Later in the game, Wood is replaced by Coal and later Coal is replaced by Aluminium, and Stone is replaced by Oil. When this occurs, all remaining stock is converted to gold, and any resource production buildings shut down.

Uses for resourcesEdit

Food is primarily spent on upkeep, for the Town Hall or Army, although small amounts are used in construction. Negative food rates are often used for large armies, but if extended can have consequences on settlement mood.

Wood and Stone, as well as later Iron and Aluminium, are primarily used for constructing buildings. These are heavily used and often settlements use thousands of units in producing buildings.

Later, Wood, Coal and Oil are used as fuel.

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