Research (Large)
Tech tree

The tech tree during closed beta.

Research allows the player access to new technologies, abilities, military units, and buildings while also giving bonuses such as new space on which to build, unlocking full new towns, and even giving a number of stat boosting modifiers. Research is done at a library or research facility, depending on the age the player is in, and often takes a considerable amount of time and money. Having additional researching buildings, such as another library in a second settlement will shorten the time it takes to research a topic but will not allow the research of two topics at the same time.

The research topics available to a player are divided into ages, so that gaining access to more advanced research requires advancement into the next age. An important note: if a player advances two ages ahead of a possible research option, and has not yet started research on the topic, it will be locked out as an option. For example, if a player puts off researching a critical subject such as Forest building because of its price tag and advances to Renaissance before starting research on that topic, they will lose the opportunity to do so. It is therefore highly recommended to research as many topics as possible before advancing too far.

Often, one kind of research requires other subjects to have been researched first, or that the player have some building constructed before a topic can be researched. All such requirments are noted on the tech-tree layout of the researching interface, and players will be notified of which requirments they are missing.

Research timesEdit

The time of each research is result of dividing (research point cost)/(empire research points) = research time in minutes. Each library and some wonders contributes with a certain amount of research points. It is unknown the exact values of research points of researches and libraries but it is possible to work with proportional values to calculate an approximate research time.

List of Research per RealmEdit

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