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Time values may represent the benefits of wonders and research and number of libraries/universities already completed so your requirements may vary. To calculate the exact time, divide the research points column by the sum of the levels of all your libraries (rounding down minutes).

Name Picture Research Institution Research Time Gold Required Research Points Prerequisites Rewards
Governance (I) Governance Research Icon.png Library 3:00:00 200 12:00:00 City Centre Enables additional settlement
Forest Building Forest Construction Research Icon.png Library 9:37:00 1000 77:00:00 City Centre Allows construction of any building on forest tiles
Hydraulic Mining Mine Research Icon.png Library

City Centre,

Iron mine

Enables Iron mine upgrades

Improved Irrigation Library

City Centre,

Farm (Classical)

Enables further Farm upgrades

Warehouse Efficiency


City Centre,

Warehouse (Classical)

Enables further Warehouse upgrades
Stock Taking Library City Centre Increases resource and gold capicity across the empire
The Circus Library City Centre Imporves mood across the empire
Improved drainage Library 9:37:00 1200 77:00:00

City Centre,

Quarry (Classical)

Enables further Quarry upgrades

Stone saws Stone Upgrade Research Icon (Gold).png Library 7:30:00 1700 90:00:00 Improved drainage +3% stone production from Quarries
Springboards Library

City Centre,

Logging Camp (Classical)

Enables further Logging Camp upgrades
Hardened Saws Library Springboards Enables Sawmill upgrades
Cut-to-length Logging Wood Upgrade Research Icon (Bronze).png Library 2:00:00 6:00:00 Springboards +3% wood production from Logging camps
Town Planning Library City Centre

Enables further City Centre upgrades

Currency Library 1:00:00 200 3:00:00

Town Planning,


Enables Market upgrades
Efficient Customs Currency Research Icon.png Library 1:00:00 200 3:00:00


Customs House

Enables Customs House upgrades
Philosophy Library

Town Planning,

Library (Classical)

Enables further Library upgrades
Advanced Ironworking Library 1:00:00 200 3:00:00



Enables Blacksmith upgrades
Infantry Scuta Hardened Swords Research Icon.png Library 3:00:00 300 12:00:00 Advanced Ironworking Boosts melee unit defence vs. ranged and artillery units
Cavalry Shields Library Advanced Ironworking Boosts melee unit defence vs. mounted and vehicle units
Tactics Library

Town Planning,

Parade Ground (Classical)

Enables further Parade Ground upgrades
Binoculars Library


Watchtower (Classical)

Enables further Watchtower upgrades

Armourer Training Library 3:00:00 300 12:00:00



Enables Armoury upgrades
Universal Joints Library Armourer Training Boosts classical artillery damage vs. mounted units
Riding Reconnaissance Research Icon.png Library 6:15:00 300 25:00:00



Enables Stable upgrades
Sanitary Barracks Library


Barracks (Classical)

Enables further Barracks upgrades
Heavy Bolts Library Sanitary Barracks Boosts Flaming Archer damage vs. artillery units on raids.
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