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Time values may represent the benefits of wonders and research and number of libraries/universities already completed so your requirements may vary. To calculate the exact value, divide the research points column by the level of your library.

Ancient research tree

Name Picture Research Institution Time Goldbar Research Points Prerequisites Rewards
Village Planning Village Centre Research Icon Library (Ancient) 500 50 None Enables Village centre upgrades
Agriculture Ancient Agriculture research icon Library (Ancient) 250 1500 Farm Enables Farm upgrades
Durable Picks Quarry Research Icon Library (Ancient) 250 1500 Quarry Enables Quarry upgrades
Durable Axes Forestry Research Icon Library (Ancient) 250 1500 Logging camp Enables Logging camp upgrades
Efficient Storage Efficient Storage Library (Ancient) 500 3000 Storehouse Enables Storehouse upgrades
Writing Library Research Icon Library (Ancient)

Village Planning,


Enables Library upgrades

Warfare Parade Ground Research Icon Library (Ancient) Village Planning

Enables Parade ground upgrades

Troop Housing Barracks Research Icon Library (Ancient)

Village Planning,



Enables Barracks upgrades
Observation Lookout Post Research Icon Library (Ancient) 2:00:00 100 2:00:00

Village Planning,


Watchtower (Ancient) lvl 1

Enables Watchtower upgrades

Tale of a Legend Tale of a legend research icon Library (Ancient) 2500 3000 Won a game cycle Increases ressource capacity by 576 and increases gold capacity by 625 and increases population by 625
Relics of the Past Relics of the past research icon Library (Ancient) 2500 3000  ?  ?
A Lost Empire A lost empire research icon Library (Ancient) 2500 3000  ?  ?
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