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Realms is the term for ages in 8Realms.

As the game's name suggests, there are eight of these Realms which are based upon the theoretical development of a real civilisation. Upon advancing to the next Realm, many new forms of research, buildings (or upgrades), and military units are unlocked.

List of Realms[]

Realm Name Image Game Progress Description
Ancient Ancient.png 12.5% The Ancient age involves the tribal footsteps of your empire when nomads had begun to settle the land, growing crops and sacrificing animals for the tribal Gods. This age is based on the Stone Age. Players in this realm are connected, but are not part of any of the servers, interact with other players, or have more than one settlement.
Classical Clas.png 25.0% The Classical age is based upon Ancient Greece and Rome. At this point, players can now access one of the servers. It is believed server selection is dependant upon Society choice (Control, Knowledge, and Wealth). Map interaction, with player settlement interaction, a second settlement, and the ability to attack tiles outside of your city limits become available during this age.
Feudal 3.png 37.5% The Feudal age is based upon European Medieval times when large estates owned by lords competed for power. Castles, swordplay and knights are used heavily throught this age.
Renaissance 4.png 50.0% The Renaissance age is based upon the time after the Black Plague when renewed interest in art arose. The term is French for "rebirth". Early, primitive firearms like the matchlock arise here.
Imperial 5.png 62.5% The Imperial age is based upon the time when many European countries began to take serious efforts in exploring the world and claim land by building colonies. Some also call it the Age of Exploration or the Colonial Age. Many of this age's units reference the American revolution, such as the Redcoats and Minutemen.
Industrial 6.png 75.0% The Industrial age is based upon the Industrial Revolution when the invention of machines such as the steamboat and the cotton gin came about (and the famous French General and Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte).
Modern Modern.png 87.5% The Modern age is largely based upon today's society when a more relaxed lifestyle was encouraged, beginning in the late nineteenth century. Computers, advanced engineering and precision weaponry dominate this age.
Future Future.png 100.0% The Futuristic age consists of technologies that do not exist today, but are based on theoretical advances and science fiction. Very little is known about the age as players have yet to reach this point in the game.
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