Re-Curve Bowman
Re-Curve Bowmen Icon
Type Ranged unit icon
Age Classical
Resources to train Food 10
Wood small 20
Stone small 0
Iron small 10
Training time 0:00:12
Upkeep costs Food small 4
Gold small 2
Army value ArmyValue small 24.735
Speed Speed small 26
Infantry Icon 3 Vehicle Icon 2 Air Unit Icon 0
Infantry Icon 2 Vehicle Icon 1 Air Unit Icon 1
Building requirements Barracks (Classic) 2

Re-Curve Bowmen are the skirmisher variants of Archers (Unit), have a higher abilities against infantry and cavalry and a higher movement speed. They are essentially useful as mercenaries paid in wood, and accompanied to their high upkeep this makes them highly inefficient as part of a standard army.

These units are only useful as construction slows down halfway through the Classical Age; the prime difference between Re-curve Bowman and Archers is that they require twice the wood and half the food to produce, and this is reflected in their upkeep requirements reflect this as well, with food being more plentiful on map tiles than gold.

In battle, they are primarily utilised for engaging any remaining archers or melee while staying alive throughout the battle. A group of Re-Curve will always outperform a group of Archers when being fired upon, due to the Re-Curve's armour halving their losses.

They can be improved by researching Hardened Arrows. They become obsolete in the Renaissance Age, being largely replaced by other units such as the Arbalests .

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