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This article is about the class of unit. See: Artillery (Unit) for the unit this class is named for.

Ranged support is designed to increase the effectiveness of an army by disrupting enemy close-range units. These sections typically comprise units such as Artillery (Unit) as well as handheld ballistics, such as Longbowmen (Unit) or Matchlock Gunners (Unit). Artillery are named after the original indirect-fire cannons, in history, firing devastating shells long and high above the front line.


Artillery are heavy ranged units, the principle bombardment units of any major conflict. Their massive attack power and range enables them to strike first and eliminate enemy troops before the battle starts, but they are slow and require escort.

These units are weak to all frontline units, especially cavalry, and must be protected by their own escorting troops when in battle, but they force attackers to use armies that are proportional to the defender's ranged forces.

In large battles, ranged, especially artillery, usually decides the winner. They can severely reduce an enemy's attacking strength before they can return fire.


There are two major variants; Heavy and Assault. Assault-types require higher numbers and setup costs, but are the most effective and efficient units and currently surpass all alternatives in artillery.

Assault variants, like the Scorpio (Unit) or Maxim Gun (Unit), are the staple and backbone of any artillery force. They require higher numbers and more expensive. However, they are lighter and cheaper to maintain, yet providing the same effectiveness as standard or heavy artillery

Anti-Infantry is a subvariant, including Skirmisher units like the Agincourt Bowmen (Unit), designed to engage enemy ranged units. These usually work alongside Standard units.
Starting from the Imperial Age, durable ranged units like the Minutemen (Unit) start to fufil a semi-armoured role and protect other ranged units. Grenadiers (Unit) fufill the standard damage/support role.
Light/Fast units are typically for mounted-raid escort purposes and should usually be avoided. The Tower of London wonder is also able to obsolete this class.

Heavy units, like the Polybolos or Onager, are usually only useful if a quick defense is required. Their upkeep cost is far higher than their assault counterparts for relatively little gain, and they are much slower.