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Before Closed beta, JaGeX released the picture of the ancient advisor when they had recieved 400 likes on the 8Realms Facebook. "We thought you might

like to see your Ancient Male adviser (female on the way). Isn't he handsome? I think you could lose a badger in that beard!"

The second screenshot was released on the 8Realms Facebook page when the page reached 475 likes. The screenshot was a picture of Leya, the ancient female adviser. The comment that accompanied Leya was; "Ok, I'm impressed! Hereeeeeeeees Leya, and she's your Ancient Female adviser!".



Ancient Barracks

"The perfect place to train troops, in fact it looks more palatial than barracks I've stayed in! I also love how the skulls really add to the whole feng shui of the place."

Ancient Plaza

"Ok, this is your Ancient Plaza. I see plenty of scope for some fast food outlets right there! Show me the money!!"

These pictures were released by JaGeX on their Facebook page too, accompanied with these comments. The Ancient Plaza is not available in the game at this moment.