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The bar which displays the population of a settlement (circled in red).

Population is the amount of people that live in your settlement. The population creates most of the gold in an Empire in form of taxes. More population means there are more people to pay taxes and thus you'll get more gold off your citizens. As you advance in the game you can research different types of taxes to get more gold from your citizens.

Population of a settlement can be increased by building/upgrading structures in your settlement. However, some buildings such as Trading Post do not add population. Storehouse is one of the best options for population boosting, adding 20 per level and also allowing you to store extra resources. The Great Aqueduct also adds 25% more population to your capital.

The population bonus of various buildings are given below:
(Note: Library, University, Parade Ground, Stone Mason, Sawmill, Foundry, Trade Post, Armoury, Lookout Post and Stable do NOT give any population bonus.)

Building Population Gained Per Level
Capitol* 500
Warehouse 200
Town Hall 100
Market 50
Cottage 25
Recruitment Office* 20
Storehouse 20
Village Centre 20 (10 in the Alexander server)
Farm, Fishery, Logging Camp, Iron Mine, Quarry 5
Plaza* 5
Barracks 2
Training Yard* 2
Blacksmith 1
  • not available anymore