Phalanx Icon
Type Infantry unit icon
Age Classical
Resources to train Food 12
Wood small 8
Stone small 0
Iron small 16
Training time 0:0:17
Upkeep costs Food small 4
Gold small 4
Army value ArmyValue small 13.5
Speed Speed small 16
Infantry Icon 4 Vehicle Icon 2 Air Unit Icon 0
Infantry Icon 5 Vehicle Icon 4 Air Unit Icon 1
Building requirements Barracks (Classical) 2

Phalanxes are Swordsmen with much bigger shields. This allows them to have a higher defence, although with a slower movement speed.

Although their much bigger defense may seem useless, they can take damage as effectively double their Swordsman equivalent, as the only units with greater than 5 attack can one-shot them; usually Gladii (Unit), Cavalry and Artillery. All other units will have to outnumber the Phalanx 2:1 to defeat them.

Phalanx have the same attack stats of swordsman, but their defense is much higher. Their speed though is only around half of a Swordsman. They are best used to garrison a settlement, or a tile. It's usually a good idea to pre-garrison a city as if an attack is sent, you may not have enough time to get them to where they need to be. Sniper units such as Archers are a great addition to these units and make for an undefeatable defence.

They become obsolete in the Renaissance Age.

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