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Musketeers are an Imperial ranged unit.


It is still very useful in the early Industrial Age due to the significantly longer training time of Riflemen.


It is the most expensive of all its variants.

It has three variants:

  • Redcoat (Unit) - Light variant, slightly faster and cheaper
  • Minutemen (Unit) - Frontline variant - cheap, high defense units.
  • Grenadier - Ranged/Support variant - cheapest, most effective unit, but with least defense.

Barbarians have a variant called an Arquebusier.

They become obsolete in the Modern Age, replaced by Riflemen (Unit) and Infantry (Unit).


Bombadiers originally had the Musketeer icon until they obtained unique icons.

In the Beta, they required the Musketman technology, and Flintlock muskets improves it.

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