Modern building
The Modern Age is the second to last Age, follows the Industrial Age, and preceeds the Future Age. This age is based off of today's world, and many of the technologies are some of the most up-to-date ones of our time. A new ressource is made available and replaces coal: aluminium, which is produced by aluminium plants and boosted by bauxite laboratories. Of note that aluminium cannot by captured or raided on the map; however, aluminum plants may be placed anywhere in the city (provided you have researched the technologies that allow building on the required square) so the recommended strategy is to demolish most of your less important buildings and replace them with aluminium plants. As the age progresses, those buildings may be rebuilt progressively as your aluminium production rises. The modern age also continues the trend started in the industrial age of buildings requiring vast amounts of food and iron to build. It is also here that you start gaining 2 extra cities per age instead of one. Mechanised and flying units are new military discoveries of modern. All 4 closed beta servers ended in modern with the leader succesfully defending their wonder for 24 hours against the rest of the server.

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