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  • How come there's so little/bad/incomplete information on the uses of buildings etc.

    To day I spotted that there is an upgrade to increase the resources gained from Aluminium tiles... I don't even think there are any...

    Have you got any idea?

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    • I know, always seemed very odd to me... Maybe you need to explain that to Jagex.

      As for the lack of (up-to-date) information, that's mainly because, as you will see by looking through the recent contributers list, I seem to be pretty much the only contributer. And to be honest, I don't really have a lot of free time on my hands. So all the help you can give in getting the wikia up to scratch is much appreciated ;)

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    • yeah.

      I'll try ;)

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    • For what it's worth. The official game is going offline in a month. Still, best use whatever time we have to gather as much information as possible ;)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • "Hi there Osirdedbdbzb,

    I hope you are well, and have recovered from the Boudica game cycle!

    Basically we are trying to make contact with the admins and/or active people on the 8Realms Wikia site. Currently we are trying our best to get back in touch with any players that have been involved with fan pages or sites, to see if people are still interested, and if so what we can do to help.

    If you have contact with any of these guys I would really appreciate if you could let them know, or any other fansite guys.

    Of course if you ever wanted to start your own project, or you get involved with a fansite, you should let me know. J

    This is my direct work email, and I’m OK with you giving it to anyone interested in getting involved with a community site.

    Don’t worry if you don’t have contact with anyone.

    Hope to speak soon,

    Sally (Mod Sallyd)"

    Thought I'd pass this along to an admin here so you guys could get in direct contact, since I'm kind of out of the loop for a while with my busy season upon me, and no time to game as such... of luck, and I hope they can balance this thing to make it playable soon ;)


    Her e-mail (soz, thought it was part of that message, then noticed it wasn't)

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  • When I first came to this site I found the beta building information very misleading. The main building pages are being updated (and I will try to add what I can), but I wonder whether the old beta building (e.g. trading post, etc.) should be replaced with redirects to the new building names, or at least have a templated header that says this is a beta only building type with a link to the new building type.

    What do you think?

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    • I've created a template

      Closedbeta Thread:Sundays211/@comment-105665-20120208125316/@comment-1955125-20120208192126 was available in Closed beta, but does not exist in the VIP version of the game. The article is being kept for historic purposes.
      for this (based on the stub template, but I'm not much of a designer tbh).

      Simply add {{betaonly|new=new page name}} to any units/buildings/researches/etc which do not exist in closed beta ;)

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    • I think I have marked most of the Beta only building with the template. I might look at doing the same with the research technologies too. I'm not totally sure, but I think with the VIP game, Jagex has changed it so that the buildings and technologies have different names (so we might not need to distinguish with the Building or Research suffix on each).

      If you are interested, I've also put some of my strategy notes on my user page. I don't know if there is a strategy guide on this wikia yet.

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    • the template looks great, continue to use it. I'm all for what you are doing regarding the beta building pages.

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    • Well, for a start, obviously any research (or even unit) pages which have been made obsolete should have that tag put on them. The naming scheme we seem to have (putting "(building)" at the end of each building page, "(research)" at the end of each research page, and "(unit)" at the end of each unit page) has become a standard, so I don't see that we need to remove them, though that's not just my decision to make. However, the disambiguation pages seem pointless now and may as well be removed.

      Not sure what to do about strategies on the wiki. I think it would be a good topic for the forums somewhere, feel free to organise it if you like (I'll try to get around to it some time too). Of course, you're always free to put them up on your user pages too. But as to the main space, it really is something that could require some thought

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey Sundays,

    I'm a sysop on the RuneScape Wiki, and today I got this message from Paul Mayer, the community marketing manager for 8Realms:

    As you’re possibly aware, we’re very shortly going to be officially launching a new Jagex game – 8realms. It’s a bit of a departure from RuneScape and while it’s being worked on by an entirely separate team to the guys working on RuneScape, we’re really keen to build a strong community that is every bit as vibrant, exciting, vocal and committed as the one we enjoy with RuneScape.
    We at Jagex have a huge amount to thank fansites like RS Wikia for when it comes to the ongoing development and nurture of the RuneScape community and so with a new game about to kick off, we’d naturally love to get you involved whether that’s putting a link on your site, posting a trailer, running a comp or if you’re feeling really ambitious, getting together with us so we can help you get there first with an 8realms fansite.
    Whatever level of involvement you’re up for, I’m really up for talking, helping you out with anything you need and hey, hooking you up with an in game starter package so you can get a good idea of why we’re keen to make a fuss about 8realms.

    I told him I had no attachment to 8Realms and that I'd ask the people on this wiki -- does that sound like something you guys would be interested in?


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