Knight Icon
Type Mounted unit icon
Age Classical
Resources to train Food 40
Wood small 10
Stone small 0
Iron small 40
Training time ?:??:??
Upkeep costs Food small 8
Gold small 7
Army value ArmyValue small ?
Speed Speed small 37
Infantry Icon 8 Vehicle Icon 6 Air Unit Icon 0
Infantry Icon 3 Vehicle Icon 4 Air Unit Icon 1
Building requirements ?

Knights are basic cavalry, come into the game during the Classical Age. These units are strong on attack, but somewhat lower in defense. They are medium maintenance and are quite fast and will provide rapid counterattack forces against barbarians in both battle rounds and recapturing.


Cavalry are designed to raid, flank the enemy and counterattack.

Cavalry ShieldsEdit


Specialist VariantsEdit

Knights have a Raider variant, light strategic cavalry called Chevaliers, and an Anti-Ranged/Heavy variant, the tactical cavalry Ritter.

Barbarians use a variant of this unit called Bondsmen.

These units become obsolete in the Renaissance Age, being replaced by Horsemen.


Knight training can improves this unit.

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