A typical Industrial Age settlement.

The Industrial Age follows the Imperial Age and is the sixth age of the game. It is the age of iron, where the Industrial Revolution takes place. Your empire becomes more machine than man, and requires a large production rate of food. Stone is regarded as a second-class resource, and is discarded and replaced by the fueling of Oil. This precious black gold is extracted from oil wells built on deserts. Your quarries become obsolete and it is recommended to build better buildings on them, provided you have researched hill construction in the Feudal Age.

In this age, food and coal is used in very large amounts. Most buildings will greatly deplete your food supply, sometimes preventing you from constructing or upgrading another building. Culture also generates at a very slow rate, so it is recommended to build a sixth settlement as soon as possible and capture as many luxuries as you can. Be aware that it is also helpful to capture or raid oil tiles, as the new artillery units require an oil upkeep.

New BuildingsEdit

Military UnitsEdit

In the Industrial Age you will also get new military troops. You will get 3 new ranged units - Riflemen (Unit), Commandos and Marksmen; and 3 new artillery units - Artillery, Field gun and Howitzer. Recent updates include the Mark I Tank , Trench Crawler, and Armoured Car vehicle units, and the Fighting Biplane, Zeppelin, and Aerial Scourge air units.

Industrial Age WondersEdit

The wonders for the Industrial Age are:

The next age is the Modern Age.

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