Gladii icon
Type Infantry unit icon
Age Classical
Resources to train Food 24
Wood small 0
Stone small 0
Iron small 8
Training time 0:00:14
Upkeep costs Food small 4
Gold small 4
Army value ArmyValue small 17.4
Speed Speed small 40
Infantry Icon 5 Vehicle Icon 3 Air Unit Icon 0
Infantry Icon 2 Vehicle Icon 1 Air Unit Icon 1
Building requirements Barracks (Classic) 2

The Gladius is a raider specialist: faster, and more powerful than the swordsman, they can quickly and efficiently raid or capture enemy tiles.


Their speed and attack are 5 higher than swordsmens', but this comes at the cost of a lower defense. This unit also requires more food and gold per hour than swordsmen, and are largely used to one-shot raid, before the enemy units have a chance to react.

Players who prefer raiding and capturring tiles often choose to use these units, where as players who prefer not to or are surrounded by tiles with weak defences usually stick to swordsmen.

They become obsolete in the Renaissance Age, and cannot be trained afterwards.

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