Gielinor warrior
Type Infantry unit icon
Age Ancient
Resources to train Food 20
Wood small 15
Stone small 5
Iron small 0
Training time ?:??:??
Upkeep costs Food small 2
Gold small 2
Army value ArmyValue small 6.8
Speed Speed small 20
Infantry Icon 3 Vehicle Icon 1 Air Unit Icon 0
Infantry Icon 2 Vehicle Icon 2 Air Unit Icon 1
Building requirements Barracks 3

Gielinor Warriors are a special type of unit rewarded to players who participated in the closed beta with the beta key "Tokyo" or "Vienna". These are the first units you can train that are accessable in the Ancient Age along with Spearmen. They may be trained at the Barracks. The cost of Gielinor Warriors is slightly more expensive than the Spearman units, however, the Gielinor Warriors are stronger in attack but weaker in defence, respectfully. It is not recommended to train these. They cannot be trained after the Classical Age.


  • "Gielinor" is the name of the world RuneScape is set in. The armour these units wear bears a strong resemblance to those of the Varrock Palace Guard, with the shield nearly being an exact replica.

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