really explorer

Explorers ''are light scout cavalry units available in Renaissance Age. They are quite speedy and have decent stats, and this makes them effective raiders.

Explorers have 80 speed, making them very quick at raiding. Players can use these to reach far luxuries since they are fast units.

Comparable to the Scout, they have no variants and are not indended for intensive combat; it is usually better to upgrade the Stable to produce and utilise combat cavalry, such as the Honour Corpsmen.

They can be upgraded to increase their base speed by 250% to 227.5, making them one of the fastest units in the game and with sertin wonders and a high level stabel they can reach 443 speed.

Barbarians use a variant called Cavaliers. They become obsolete in the Industial Age.

They no longer require Explorer to use.

In the Beta Combat training was available, but it has since been removed from the game.

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