Crossbowman Icon
Type Ranged unit icon
Age Renaissance
Resources to train Food 52
Wood small Unknown
Stone small Unknown
Iron small 44
Training time ?:??:??
Upkeep costs Food small 12
Gold small 15
Army value ArmyValue small ?
Speed Speed small 81
Infantry Icon 26 Vehicle Icon 21 Air Unit Icon 2
Infantry Icon 15 Vehicle Icon 13 Air Unit Icon 1
Building requirements Barracks 1 (Renaissance)

Crossbowmen are Renaissance Age Archer units.

It is a very powerful ranged unit and the first unit with the capability to fire at air units, available to counter enemy Flying Machines which appear in the Renaissance Age.


The most common variants would be the Crossbowmen and the Matchlock Gunners.

  • Light/Escort variant - Arbalest, slightly faster, otherwise weaker.

Barbarians have a variant called Taborites.

They become obsolete in the Industrial Age.


They could be improved with Hardened bolts.

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