Construction (Large)

Construction of available buildings forms the basis for all activites in 8Realms. Two construction slots are available in each village, unless you have built The Shwedagon Pagoda or St. Mark's Basilica (Wonders available when advancing to the Classical or to the Feudal age; you can only build 1 construction slot Wonder), which allows three construction slots in each village. Overall construction time increases as the level of your buildings increases, but is decreased with advancements in research and with higher levels of the City Centre.

Construction of resource-gathering tiles (e.g. logging camps, quarries, etc.) is limited to the associated resource square (forests, mountains, etc.). All other buildings are built in the standard 9 "open" squares in the center of each village. Advancements in research allow for construction of other building types on resource squares. For example, researching forest construction in the Classical Age allows buildings such as libraries to be built on forest squares.

Construction of Wonders only takes place once the culture meter reaches 100%. This construction can only be seen in the world map, and each Wonder is only available once.

Construction of new villages is enabled by researching each level of Governance, starting with the Classical Age. You can build one additional village in each Age up to the Industrial Age, at which point you will be able to build an additional two during the Modern and Future Ages, for a total of ten villages.

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