A typical Classical Age settlement.

The Classical Age follows the Ancient Age and precedes the Feudal Age. It is the second age in the game and is the first time that players get to interact with other players on the same map (via the use of chat). The Classical Age also brings more excitement, since the map is able to be explored, which is not possible in the Ancient Age.

After researching Governance I, an extra settlement can be built. It is recommended that it is built at least one screen away from the capital to gain access to more luxuries. This requires more time to travel but in the end is worth it.

In this age, many more military units are available to research. With the usage of the iron resource and a blacksmith, swordsmen can be trained. Swordsmen are much stronger than Spearmen. Iron, however; is scarce so it is recommended to stick with Spearmen for most of this age.

Another useful thing that unlocks in this age is forest construction. This allows building on Forest tiles, which allots more space than the 8 open spaces that are available in the Ancient Age.

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