Type Mounted unit icon
Age Classical Age
Resources to train Food 50
Wood small 10
Stone small 0
Iron small 20
Training time 0:00:13
Upkeep costs Food small 8
Gold small 7
Army value ArmyValue small ?
Speed Speed small 54
Infantry Icon 6 Vehicle Icon 4 Air Unit Icon 0
Infantry Icon 4 Vehicle Icon 2 Air Unit Icon 1
Building requirements Stable 2

Chevaliers are light cavalry units; Knights designed to deploy quickly but with less armour and weaponry, and a lower iron cost.

They are the fastest unit available in the Classical Age and Feudal Age, making them ideal for recapturing tiles raided by Barbarians. This is also aided by their relatively high food cost, often available as earlier units free their upkeep as they are destroyed.

As light cavalry, they are not designed as a primary unit for battle; it is recommended to use Knights are a better and stronger cavalry counterpart, compared to these units. They become obsolete in the Renaissance Age.


The old Chevaliers required Barracks 4, Blacksmith 2. There is a similar unit known as the Cavalier in a later age.

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