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Horsemen (Unit) are the first versatile and available cavalry unit.

Cavalry represent the fast vehicle and mounted section of an army, able to form a front rank protecting friendly infantry from fire and harassing enemy lines. They are designed to be fast, get into close combat with the enemy, break and disrupt the enemy melee units, and allow attacks through to enemy's weaker (ranged) units. They are essential units, able to quickly break through the enemy cavalry and eliminate ranged units, and a strong cavalry force can quickly turn the tide of a battle.

Usage and Classification[]

Cavalry are essential counters for infantry, and later Heavy Cavalry is eliminated by Air Cavalry.

While melee infantry is still in play, mounted cavalry attack first, before they can fire back. This gives them a decisive anti-infantry advantage on the first strike, but they cannot take heavy damage and are comparatively easy to eliminate on subsequent rounds.

It is unknown where air units stand, but it can be assumed they fire ahead of ranged and fulfill a similar role to early cavalry against infantry.


Examples of early cavalry units include the Knights (Unit), as well as the Horsemen (Unit) and Demi and their variant counterparts.

There are two main variants of cavalry:

  • Heavy Cavalry (replaced by Armoured Cavalry), designed to dominate a single tactical battle and provides excellent support to friendly infantry. Heavy Cavalry is armoured to engage throughout a fight and can take a beating as well as dish it out, but are generally quite slow. They often rely on some ranged units for support, especially against enemy air and ranged units.
  • Light Cavalry (replaced by Air Cavalry), is strategic but less armed but designed to quickly eliminate units and armies before they can retaliate. They are fast and excel at quick strikes, recapturing tiles and disrupting enemy units across a front or theatre of battle, but aren't armoured and take heavy damage. They often are capable of operating without support.

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