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Bombadiers are a special Renaissance unit that is unlocked with the Gunpowder Wonder. You also need to build a Armoury 3 and aFoundry, which means you cannot actually use them until some time into the age. They used to have the same image as the Musketeers, but their image is now unique. They become obsolete in the Industrial Age.

Bombadier new

The new look for the bombardiers

With a speed of 50, they are faster than other available ranged units but the stats (attack 35-32-6, defence 25-22-4) aren't really remarkable. They are also costly to upkeep (14 food, 69 gold). Their training time is ridiculously high (4 minutes 50 seconds), so this makes their high speed useless.

Overall, they are greatly overshadowed by The Flying Machine unit, also available at the same time.

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