The official "Closed Beta" image displayed in-game and on the website during the closed beta time period.

Beta refers to the last stage before the Candidate Release in the development cycle. The closed beta for 8Realms was released on 5 May 2011. Players were able to sign into and participate in the beta by using a specific beta key. Registration for the beta was closed on 15 June 2011, in preparation for the final release on (future date).
Bubble map

The first settlement creation screen

Beta KeysEdit

Players were required to type in a specific beta key to have access to the closed beta. These beta keys could be obtained through various ways.

The first batch of beta keys were released by Jagex on 5 May 2011. These could only be found on the official 8Realms Facebook page and a total of 2,000 keys were released. The keys worked on a first come, first serve basis and were used up fairly quickly.

The message posted on the 8Realms Facebook wall giving players access to the first batch of beta keys.

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