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The Beginner's guide is useful to try to build your first civilization. First thing to do is build all the resource buildings that you can. Then find the tasks button its in the upper left corner of the screen. Now, follow those tasks in order or you will fast run out of resources. Also every time you level up your town centre makes sure the first thing you do is level up your resource buildings.

As you're building and research your way through the Ages, you should keep note as to what requirements are needed to build the Wonder you are going to build at the end of each Age. Not doing so can result in lost time.


  • The reason to upgrade your resource tiles first (Farms, Iron Mines, Logging Camps) is because you may have enough resources to upgrade a building now, but when you come back later to upgrade something else you will be lacking those resources.
  • Try building/upgrading/researching large projects when you are going to go to bed or when you need to go someplace far so when you come back what you needed completed is complete.
  • Think of the future! What you chose now will greatly affect your future, especially your Wonders. The Great Aqueduct may not seem so special considering that you never had much of a gold problem, but once you are able to trade and build new settlements you will need that extra gold to trade supplies from one city to another, or maybe reseach new technologies to build new cities. Or the Delphi's 30% increassed infantry training speed may not seem inpressive when you train Spearmen at around 12 seconds, but the Demi-Lancer's training time of of 81 seconds, the 30% training time deduction reduces it to 57 seconds. And when you are training units in the masses to capture tiles, you really want them to be trained quickly.
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