The warning that barbarians will attack.

Barbarians are one of the two major powers dominating the world of 8Realms (the second being the Empires of the players themselves). They also occupy a huge amount of luxuries and resources around the World map. Luxury and resource held by barbarians have either direct or indirect control over them. Tiles under direct barbarian control have a 'Barbarian Stronghold' on them and you cannot go through their strongholds, while it is possible to go through tiles without direct control over them. Tiles with strongholds also tend to have stronger military force. You need troops to defend and fight against them.

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A Barbarian Stronghold

You will usually get a warning when they are attacking. Receiving warning before their attack requires a Watchtower , a higher level watchtower enables early warning of their attacks.

Barbarian unitsEdit

Barbarians attack and defend with unique units which players cannot create themselves. These include:

Barbarian AngerEdit

On the Napoleon server, a new measurement of barbarian anger was added in the 'social overview' interface. The level of barbarian anger is changed by how often you attack them and raid/capture their tiles. Angry barbarians are more likely to attempt to raid the tiles you hold.

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