Archer Icon
Type Ranged unit icon
Age Classical
Resources to train Food 16
Wood small 8
Stone small 0
Iron small 4
Training time 0:00:14
Upkeep costs Food small 3
Gold small 3
Army value ArmyValue small 20.6
Speed Speed small 20
Infantry Icon 3 Vehicle Icon 2 Air Unit Icon 0
Infantry Icon 1 Vehicle Icon 1 Air Unit Icon 1
Building requirements Barracks (Classic) 1

Archers come into the game at the start of the Classical Age, available once your first Barracks is upgraded and are available automatically at that point. These units are the first, and very capable, ranged units and maximize damage when backed up by a regiment of infrantry.

Barbarians' archers are called Arrowheads. Archers also have two variants, the Re-Curve Bowmen and the Flaming Archers, once researched. They become obsolete in the Renaissance Age.


Despite what the graphic of the obviously flimsy bow might suggest, their string doesn't prevent them operating as any other unit!

Archers could be improved with Agile Boots and Hardened Arrows in the Beta.

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