Ancient village

An example of a settlement in the Ancient Age.

Bubble map

Where you enter the game

Ancient is the first of the 8 ages of 8Realms. As the name suggests, you start off with cavemen in a primitive village. Your knowledge of geography isn't too highly developed yet, so your world map consists of cave scribblings and the compulsory "Here Be Dragons" warning. Players in Ancient age are placed on a bubble server and cannot interact with other players.

Ancient empire

An empire in Ancient age that for some reason already shows on world map.

Your technology in this age isn't any more developed than wooden shacks and men with spears. But with the help of village elders, shamans and the friendly taskmaster's tutorial, you'll soon be constructing your first Wonder and making your appearance on the world map!

Jagex reffers to this age as the "Bubble Server", and no matter what Server you are going to "Hatch" in-to you'll still be part of this bubble server.

During the Acient Age the Settlement centre is called a Village centre and the Resource Storage is called a Storehouse. During the Ancient Age there are just three resources: Wood, Stone and Food. They are gathered with Farms, logging Camps and quarries. The only unit is the Spearmen.

Builings in the Ancient Age:

Units in the Ancient Age

The next age is the Classical Age

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