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News Regarding Official Wiki
Due to JaGeX releasing the final game, and an official wiki, we would hope you are having fun with the game so far and hope you continue to edit this wiki. Regarding the new stats, information, and overall Beta stage information, articles should be updated to the current value. If you would like to keep the old information, do not make a new page for it, simply add it to trivia section at the end of a page. Thank you.
Major Wiki Renaming Style Update
An issue bothering many users and administrators on this wiki has been its style. As allowed by an administrator's consent, the articles throughout this wiki will and should be named according to their in-game appearance. This includes capitalizing letters of buildings, research topics, wonders, and military units. This also includes changing the tense of pages from singular to plural or vice-versa. We hope this makes your editing experiences better on this wiki.
Wiki News
21 January 2012
  • The Wiki Cleanup poll has ended: Please consider taking a look at the military page and giving it a touch up! (A list of units can be found here)
  • A new poll is up! Please check out the latest poll and respond with your usual level of activity on the actual game of 8Realms.

30 November 2011

  • Administrators and Moderator have been given golden names. This is to distinguish them from the regular users, prove their authenticity, and reward them for their hard work.
  • The featured article of the month is Capturing/raiding map tiles.

31 October 2011

22 September 2011

  • We have introduced Sitemeter onto this wiki. It tracks the amounts of visits to this wiki staring in September.

18 September 2011

Featured Article
A Beta Key is required in order to access the 8Realms Closed Beta. Beta Keys do not last for very long, as they usually have a limit in time or how many times it may be used before it will no longer work. A list of every 8Realms Beta Key ever used may be found here.
8Realms News
Game Updates
  • will be updated by 12-31-11
Website Updates
  • will be updated by 12-31-11
8Realms Lore
Check out this page before editing to make sure you know exactly what you're doing!
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Trebuchet Wallpaper
Trebuchet Wallpaper
A cool 8Realms Trebuchet Wallpaper.

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Last Poll Results - Wiki Cleanup: Military

Wiki Post
May 2011 - Issue 1
Games Lab and Lab Rats!

"Yeah, we're going to create new MMOs as well. And we've got FunOrb, which is sort of our R&D lab to experiment with new game ideas and mechanics and we'll keep doing that because it's fun and we can, but our main focus will be investing in "RuneScape" and growing that" Read More...

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