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Joe Stead's 8 Realms Toolkit

Playing 8Realms can be very slow and may require a lot of waiting around, to help you play the game a toolkit is available to assist you in playing the game.

Currently only one known toolkit exists; it is open source and free for anyone to use.

Current FeaturesEdit

  • Resource Calculator - calculate how many resources you will gain over a specified time
  • Timer Manager - Set timers which will idle in the background of your PC as you play 8Realms alerting you when the time is up so you can complete more tasks.
  • Play inside the tookit - a browser window inside the toolkit so you can play the game within the toolkit (A little bit buggy still)
  • The ability to minimise and control from the system tray
  • Take Screenshots of your game directly from the client

Known BugsEdit

For a complete list of known bugs please see overview page of the toolkit on the creators blog.

Download Version 0.11Edit

A download can currently be found on the creators blog along with more information. It is currently only the first release and suggestions are welcome.

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