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The Image Maintenance Project is a project started by Kosovo Empire to attempt to overhaul all the images on the wiki, to conform to a professional standard. This article outlines the standards expected of image uploaded on the wiki, and has a list of images that are in need of correction.


These are the standards for images uploaded on the wiki:

  • Images must be of good quality. This means that images must be screenshots, and be in a full quality, PNG format. GIF's of certain 16-bit graphics will be permitted. Images should not be streched or manipulated in any way.
  • Images should be clear of unnecessary clutter. "unnecessary clutter" includes the image containing portions that are of no benefit to the image, and in some cases will include the background. Images of buttons/interface should have transparent backgrounds.

More standards can be suggested and if the community is in favour of them, they will be introduced.

Images in need of maintenace[]

Images in need of maintenace can be added to the Category:Images_in_need_of_maintenance by simply clicking the "Add Category" button at the bottom of the image details page.