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This page can be used to request AWB access, and a bot flag for the account that will use it if required.


To request AWB, a user must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an account which is at least 30 days old.
  • Have at least 500 edits other than edits in the User: and User Talk: namespaces.

Requests for AWB bot flag[]

By signing, you acknowledge that holding an account with a bot flag is a level of community trust, and that the flag can be revoked at any time the community finds necessary. Should your account get any additional tools beside the bot flag, you agree to uphold the same standards levied on that particular usergroup. You promise not to violate wiki policy with the bot account. You also forfeit your right to participate in community discussions with the bot account (please use your main account instead). You confirm that you have read the regulations concerning AWB accounts and agree to them. Signing below is an indication that you accept these terms and conditions and would like to request the bot flag.

To request AWB access, place {{AWB|Your username}} under the requests header.

To request the bot flag, and any additional rights, place {{AWBR|Your username|The username of your AWB account}} under the requests header, replacing your username with your username and the username of your AWB account with the username of your AWB account. Please note that only sysop tools may be transferred. Sysops who want to transfer sysop tools should add |sysop to the end of the template.


Instructions for bureaucrats[]

  1. Add the account name to the hilite list
  2. Update the AWB account list and the checkpage
  3. Remove completed requests
  4. Assign bot rights and/or sysop rights, if requested

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