8Realms Wiki

8Realms is an HTML browser game created by Jagex. Currently, it is in development and is only playable via a Closed Beta . The game is said to work on many platforms other than a PC including mobile phones and iPads. Jagex has plans to make it available for many more mobile devices in the future.


In 8Realms, one has to build and manage an empire. Unlike similar games such as Age of Empires or Civilization, 8Realms focuses entirely on a single civilization created by the player. There are eight ages to define the progress of a civilization. Upon reaching the Classical age, the players can interact with others. Once you reach the next age, you may build another wonder. Building times take awhile; Jagex is often criticized for the long building times for that matter.

Beta Keys[]

Those who joined the Closed Beta had to enter a beta key which was either sent through e-mail or found on FaceBook.


Reception of 8Realms has been fairly positive. Most of the game's criticism comes from the numerous bugs and building times, but the game has been praised for the concept of progression through different ages as well as strategical aspects. Since the game is still in closed beta, there have yet to be any official reviews.